Saturday 24 September 2011

Photos of the Move

We've spent the past week moving to Rengo's old factory about five miles away.  At the new factory we'll be buying in cardboard sheet so no more corrugating - the end of an era. Here's a photo record of the move.

18 September - the corrugator that was so noisy falls silent
Not much paper left
First out are the computers and phones. They have to be set up straightaway in the new offices.
Then the other stuff
50 ton crane

Flexo-folder gluer being dismantled

Safe leaves through the window

Over 6,000 printing dies to move

And 1,300 wooden dies

19 September - a typhoon on the way. It starts to rain at 3 pm. Heavy flooding in Koriyama the next day

Two cranes needed for this one

Hurry before it rains!

Human chain to get stuff down from the 4th floor
Our new offices

View from upstairs
Huge factory

And even our own Shinto shrine. May the gods be with us!

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