Monday 13 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Here Valentine's Day is to chocolate as Easter is to Easter Eggs in Europe. There was a time when you felt obliged to give your boss chocolate on Valentine's Day, a custom known as giri choco 義理チョコ , but that seems to be on the way out. Now people buy chocolates for their friends and relatives, and even for themselves. Who can blame them when the selection is so tempting? I couldn't resist buying these.  Saison de Setsuko, a new range from established chocolatier Mary, has the prettiest chocolates and they're on a Japanese theme, flavoured with soy sauce, yuzu citrus, green tea and sesame. I even tasted some wasabi horseradish chocolates but the recipient of this box will be happy to know there are none included. An acquired taste. The fan-shaped chocolates are by a traditional (Japanese) sweet shop in Kyoto.

Another trend, especially among teenagers, seems to be to make your own. The shops are full of tiny baking pans, foil cases and decorative toppings to make your own home made cakes and chocolates. And there's an amazing selection of  boxes, ribbons and bags to wrap them up in too. Kawaii!

Lucky you if you have a sweetheart. Make the most of the day.

Japanese flavoured chocolates

So many kawaii decorations, so hard  to choose ...


  1. Valentine's Day has a whole different meaning in Japan! It took me years to get used to it, but now it seems almost normal to me to accept that I WON'T get chocolates from my husband on the 14th, and that I must buy for him, my father-in-law, and my son as well. : ) I go all out and buy them for other men and boys as well, in anticipation of White Day. I always think that the exquisite chocolate selections in Department Stores are more attractive to women than men (teddy bear chocolates? ducky chocolates?) ....surely those must be the ones that women buy for themselves. Happy V Day to you tomorrow, Anne!

  2. Greetings,

    Do you happen to know where I might order the Saison de Setsuko chocolates online — I found their website, but don't see any way to order, nor how to contact them by email.


    Ashland OR

    1. Hello Grey,
      Thanks for your comment and sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you.
      The Saison de Setsuko website does have an enquiry button (at the bottom right, marked 問い合わせ). I sent them an e-mail and got a phone call back. They say they accept orders by e-mail or phone and will ship within Japan but won't send overseas. Sorry.
      For your info the details are:
      tel: 03-3763-0361

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