Tuesday 29 October 2013

Another aftershock

A big tremor last Friday night. I was woken at ten past two, got out of bed, stood under the doorway to the kitchen (best to be under a supported wall) and held on. It lasted quite a while. My building was built over 20 years ago and being on the 7th floor I feel it swaying. Next, switch on the TV (as one does): magnitude 7, off the Fukushima coast, force 4 in Koriyama, warning for a tsunami one metre high. About five minutes later, a report that Fukushima Daiichi has sustained no damage. So that's alright then. Back to bed. Next day hear that it's another aftershock from the big one and that we can expect more.

There's been a development regarding repatriation of evacuees since my last post. A proposal to end monthly compensation one year after the ban on an area has been lifted seems to have been accepted by the local authorities affected. There was some opposition. People were saying a year wouldn't be long enough if there was a rush to get building work done. But it seems to have gone through. The corollary of this is that residents may try and delay the bans being lifted. This has already happened in Miyakoji in Tamura city area. The government wanted to lift the ban on November 1st but the residents got this delayed until next spring. The compensation, by the way, is that being paid by Tepco for 'stress' caused by the accident; rents etc would continue to be paid by the prefecture/government. Still, as I said, in my last post, there are a lot of issues that should be sorted before people go back including compensation for property, proper infrastructure including schools, hospitals and shops, various kinds of support. But stopping monthly compensation will no doubt serve as a stick to encourage people to go back.

After the many typhoons this season the weather seems to be settling. Beautiful autumn weather. Not before time I'm planning a couple of trips to the mountains to enjoy the autumn colour. More later.

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