Sunday 8 December 2013

Christmas market

Hi folks
Just take a look at these veggies. Aren't they wonderful? An acquaintance, Koichi Fujita, who is a vegetable sommelier no less, has won prizes for his Koriyama branded vegetables. Today there was a Christmas market in town. As well as wonderfully fresh vegetables at very reasonable prices, there was a delicious aroma of baked sweet potatoes (his new brand Menge which means 'cute' in the local dialect) as well as tarts and sweets made from carrot and sweet potato. No reason to shun Fukushima fruit and veg. These people are doing a great job.  Anne

Fujita-san, me, and another lady in charge of a vegetable growing NPO


  1. What an exquisite presentation of this produce. I'm puzzled- are there several different types of carrot or are they other vegetables of types that we don't even get at Brixton Market?

  2. Brixton Market! That takes me back ..
    Maybe you mean the large radishes? Daikon, in Japanese. Usually white and essential in Japanese cooking but in the picture there are red, green and even black ones!
    You see them occasionally in England called 'mooli' and grown in Holland.
    Next time I'm in England I must go to Brixton market and get some cheese and sausages!