Wednesday 13 April 2011

Crayons and pens please

Dear Friends in Japan
We're all set. The orders in. We're to make up partitions and take them to an evacuation centre in Ishinomaki on Saturday. The sheet will be corrugated with green paper on the outside and pale brown on the inside. We are told there are children in the centre so the idea is that they can draw on the inside of their new rooms and make them their own.

So I have a request. For those of you who can get a package to me by Friday night, I want crayons and felt tip pens to take up with me on Saturday. They don't have to be new. Any you have around the house would be fine. Anything that adults and children could use to write on the cardboard 'walls'. Please send by 'takkyubin' to me here at:

Tohoku Kogyo
1 - 12 - 5 Hohacho
Tel:  024-944-1480

福島県郡山市方八町1 - 12 - 5

Thanks. It's good to be able to do something practical at last.
Love to you all

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