Friday 7 December 2012

I'm OK - again

We had a big earthquake this evening at twenty past five. It was Magnitude 7.3 at the epicentre off the Sendai coast. Force 4 here in Koriyama though it seemed stronger. I was alone in our office on the 8th floor. There's supposed to be an early warning system but my phone starting buzzing as the shaking began. The quake went on for a minute or so, up and down and side to side. I dived under our heavy conference table. It brought it all back. 

It was Friday night anyway so I decided to leave. Walked down the stairs, still quite shaken, but amazed to find that outside everything seemed to be  going on as normal. People here are made of strong stuff. Did a bit of shopping before heading home. Nothing fallen off the shelves in the shops. NHK had cancelled all programmes and the TV was wall to wall earthquake. It's a good service. Returned to normal programming about quarter to eight when the tsunami warning was lifted. Experts on the TV are telling us that such aftershocks are to be expected and there may be more in the next few days. I've filled up the bath and checked my supplies! 
But I really was amazed as I walked round the streets and shops this evening at how calm everyone was.


  1. Thanks for letting us know, was thinking of you

  2. I was also very worried.But how interesting people stay calm despite all the scare.But keep your supplies at your side!

  3. Thanks.
    Good to hear from you again.

  4. It really is "keep calm and carry on". People of Japan are, indeed, made of tough stuff. BTW, what's this early warning system that comes via your mobile phone? Is this something specific in Japan?

  5. The Earthquake Early Warning System is a service provided by the Meteorological Office. It's supposed to give you a few valuable seconds before the earthquake hits. Your cell phone beeps and a chime starts up on the TV. There's a link here.
    I have a smartphone and last March I didn't get warnings though everyone elses' cell phones (keitai 携帯) were beeping like mad. Looking at the log on my phone, this service seems to have started this April on my phone. I've had five warnings since then.