Sunday 2 June 2013

Fukushima Festival

The Matsuri in Fukushima city this weekend was a resounding success with a turn-out of 250,000 people over the two days. The lesser event here in Koriyama attracted 200,000. It was designed to show the world that people here are fit and well and fighting back. And it certainly did that. A big thank you to all the performers, not just from northern Japan but from all over the country who made it a success. We watched the parade in Koriyama and it was magnificent. It's amazing how different the festivals are in different parts of the country.  Here are a few photos to give you a feel for it.

Drummers from a local school

Young men from Aizu

Young girl from Aizu getting into the Yae role

Noh dancers from Masuda in Shimane prefecture


Flower dance from Yamagata

Dragon dance from Nagasaki.
About 10 men with sticks waved the dragon  round and round.

Refined dance from Sado Island

Flowing costumes and clickety sandals from Niigata.

A huge helium filled dragon from Saitama.
(It had trouble manoeuvring the traffic lights!)

Another dragon, with lanterns and firecrackers, from Fukuoka.

And for me, the highlight. The huge decorated
paper lanterns from the Nebuta  festival in  Aomori.

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