Friday 15 April 2011

Thank you!

Dear Friends,
The boxes kept arriving throughout the morning. I expected some from my friends but I didn't expect to get so many parcels from people I don't know. Thank you all so much. The power of the internet is amazing. I asked for crayons and felt tip pens, and you sent lots. There were brand new ones, ones gathered up from around the house, and one lady sent watercolours and brushes she must have used herself. Thank you to you all. They look so colourful and cheerful when they're all put together.

So the plan is that we meet at 6.30 am. We hope to get to Ishimaki (north of Sendai) by about 10:00 but we're told to expect traffic jams: there is a lot of traffic and some roads are still blocked and one lane only. Also it's police changeover weekend. I think it's the Osaka police who are leaving to be replaced by police from Kagawa-ken (Shikoku). We've been told to prepare red signs proclaiming that we are carrying relief supplies and stop off at the police station to get a permit so we don't have to pay tolls on the expressway. We're to wear wellies, headgear (helmet if possible), and a mask (there is a lot of dust).

There will be six of us:  our sales manager, two of our salesmen, a guy from the production office, the truck driver and me. The transport company we use has provided the truck free of charge and the driver has volunteered his services. It's a real group effort.

Meanwhile the weather in Koriyama has suddenly improved with day time temperatures in the low 20s. And the cherry blossom is in flower! On time, in spite of the long and snowy winter and the earthquake. I'm getting hot walking to and from work in my raincoat with hood and feeling a bit conspicous so I need to re-think the uniform for the spring.

But tonight it's to bed. I hope to report tomorrow night on my day in the disaster area.
Best wishes and thanks to you all

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